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16 February 2021

Capenergies is to set up an e-mobility demonstration unit for urban logistics via EnerNETMob

Pilot updates in France’s region Sud

Contributing to the drive for e-mobility combined with renewable energies, Capenergies and its local partners in France’s region Sud, are ready to launch the Enernetmob small-scale e-mobility demonstration unit specifically for logistics in the agri-food sector consisting of a photovoltaic charging station, 2 charging points and an electric commercial vehicle carrying out regular city-centre deliveries in April 2021.

Urban logistics accounts for a significant proportion of the greenhouse gas emissions in the local area. 93% of the flow of goods associated with the port and agricultural activities is concentrated in the Aix-Marseilles area alone. There are over 50,000 light-duty commercial vehicles which travel several kilometers to provide supplies to the various towns. Public incentives encourage the switch to electric for utility vehicles and the increase of regional network of charging stations. The EnerNETMob demonstration will provide new data on optimising charging according to the availability of solar energy and the use of the vehicles. These results will provide information for the mobility action plans currently being implemented by the local authorities.