ICT Platform

The ICT platform 
1. Manages and monitors the charging infrastructures and Electric Vehicle services
2. Interconnects local "Small-Scale Infrastructure Network" within a transnational “Inter-regional Electromobility Network”
3. Interconnects and integrates the tested “Small-Scale Infrastructure Networks” using common technical standards consisting of common tools and protocols for the charging stations.
4.  Allows users to tackle longer displacements also at the transnational and interurban level

- Mapping out electrical charging points throughout the Europe
Capture and analyze data about electric vehicles, charging points and charging/electric consumption data on an EU scale

ICT platform is a responsive web application.
Web application = no installation needed
Responsive = works on every device size (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and every major browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE, etc.)

The USER APP is available to the general public to :
- VIEW the charging points on an EUROPE Google Map
- ENTER and EDIT data about their own registered vehicles

Users can:
- Get the location and specific public data (i.e. charging capacity, number of outlets, price of charging etc.) for each charging point
- Have their own personalized profile with their vehicle attached
- Have their list of preferred charging stations
- Use the Energy Calculator

Link to the ICT Platform: