Pilot Activities

Following the “Action Plans of Sustainable Electro-mobility Plans” that will be developed via the project, EnerNETMob will create “Small-scale Infrastructure Networks” while the pilot actions will concern 3 major thematic challenges for electromobility:
1. Intermodal sea-road transport
2. Shared mobility
3. City logistics
Project partners will test the flexibility of interurban displacement of Battery Electric Vehicles in a range of 30-60 kms by using charging points placed in different cities.
Executive design of Electric Vehicles charging and electric transport infrastructure/ services will occur. During the project an ICT Platform will be designed and will allow:
- the management and monitoring of charging infrastructures
- the interconnection of local “small scale infrastructure networks in a wider Interregional Electromobility Network.

Small-scale Infrastructure Networks
Thematic Challenge 1

Intermodal sea-road transport

Thematic Challenge 2

Shared mobility

Thematic Challenge 3

City logistics