Intermodal sea-road transport

Pilot 1 which will optimize the mileage of Battery Electric Vehicles in reference to sea-road trips will involve 9 charging points and 5 electric vehicles in the following countries: Malta, Albania, Greece (Thessaly), Croatia (County of Primorje and Gorski Cotar), Montenegro (Port of Bar).

Pilot 1 has been implemented successfully. Purchase of 1 Charging Station and Renting of an EV for 8+3 months

Greece (Region of Thessaly)
The pilot action implemented by the Region of Thessaly is of type 1, concerning intermodal sea-road electromobility services linking islands and urban areas. In the frame of the project there were installed three publicly accessible charging stations. The main idea for the installation of these charging stations was to develop a network on the west – east axis of the Region of Thessaly, in order to enhance interregional relations of Thessaly with Epirus. The aim was to create a network that will serve the route from Igoumenitsa to Volos. 

Blink Charging Hellas is the company responsible for the purchase and installation of the charging stations and was chosen by public tender procedure, according to the Greek legislation. The construction works and connections to the grid of the three charging stations started in September 2021 and were completed until November 2021, when the testing period of the pilot action started. The results presented from the use of the charging stations concern the period from the 1st of November 2021 until the 30th of January 2022. The total cost for the purchase and installation of the three charging stations is 18.339,60 €. The Region also installed the necessary ICT HW/SW modular platform with EV charging communication protocols in order to manage and monitor the public charging infrastructures.

For the implementation of the pilot action the Region of Thessaly also acquired one EV of M1 category, FEV including GPS/ICT equipment for drive tests and charging tests, to be used for the project purposes. The purchase of the electric vehicle took place in January 2020 and the car cost 34.996,52 €.

The pilot action took place within the area of responsibility of the Region of Thessaly and the municipalities involved are Trikala, Larisa and Volos, where the charging stations were installed.

Montenegro (Port of Bar)
Port of Bar, as Montenegrin representative in the project, implements the Pilot 1. In the first phase in October 2019, Port of Bar procured BEV (Nissan Leaf 40 kW) and after that purchased and install  DC High Power EFAPOWER EV-QC45 charging station (max. 50 kW) in end of July 2021. The BEV is mainly used for local and intercity transport while the charging point is free of charge during the project life, and can be used by the public in general. Installation of the first charge point in the city for tourists and citizens.