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19 February 2021

e-vehicles and charging points in the Region of Peloponnese

Pilot updates

The Region of Peloponnese, Lead partner of EnerNETMob, has made a strong shift towards e-mobility. Actions include both the acquisition of purely electric vehicles, which aim to reduce the carbon footprint of travel to meet its service needs, and the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, in order to create infrastructure and increase incentives to the inhabitants and visitors of the Peloponnese to adopt electrification in their movements.

More specifically, at the end of 2020 the Region added 6 purely electric vehicles (5 Nissan Leaf and 1 BMW i3) to its fleet, which have been acquired with resources of EnerNETMob as well as with own funds or other European resources. 5 more purely electric cars will be added within the first half of 2021, raising the total number of zero-emission vehicles to 11, drastically reducing the travel costs of the executives and employees of the Region.

In terms of charging infrastructure, the Peloponnese Region has already created a network of charging stations for electric vehicles, which allows the public to charge for free and in much less time than would be needed in the case of home charging. In particular, in the frame of EnerNETMob, the installation of 4 charging stations in Kalamata, Sparta, Nafplio and Loutraki was completed, offering 2 charging points each. These 8 parking spaces will be added to the 6 pre-existing publicly accessible spaces in Kalamata, Tripoli and the Isthmus of Corinth, but also to the 9 private charging stations of the official electric vehicles located in the Public Administration buildings, in the capitals of the Region’s Prefectures, showing the way of electrification to institutions and citizens of the Peloponnese.