Our Announcements

28 February 2021

Port of Bar H.Co. has purchased its first electric vehicle

Within the activites of the European project EnerNETMob, Port of Bar H.Co. will join a young electromobility network which has started developing in Montenegro during the last year. While being in negotiation process for accession to the European Union, Montenegro aspires to meet all EU standards and regulations. In order to meet them, Port of Bar H.Co. has purchased an electric vehicle, and prepared a call for tender which includes purchasing an electric car charging station which will be the first charge point in the city for tourists and citizens.

Moreover, the electric vehicle has been tested for international travel within the project coordination meetings of MultiAPPRO (Multidisciplinary approach and solutions to development of intermodal transport in region) project (Interreg ADRION programme). The meetings were held in Ploče (Croatia) on 11th -12th February 2020 and the representatives of Port of Bar H.Co. and the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro took the chance to test the mentioned vehicle (Nissan Leaf), crossing 528 km in total. On its way to Ploče, the car has stopped to recharge in Dubrovnik Airport (Croatia) and city center of Ploče which have their own CHAdeMO-compatible charge points.

Port of Bar, being a significant and only cargo port in Montenegro, is dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable business models that would not oppose the well-being of society and the city of Bar. It contributes to developing more sustainable means of transport, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, promotes electromobility and ICT systems, and improves citizens' lives in general. With implementation of such activities, Port of Bar and the city of Bar shall take significant place and become an integral part of pilot networks of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).