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17 September 2021

Region of Peloponnese: more than 50% increase in the use of the electromobility network

20,000 zero-emission kilometers during August 2021

A significant increase was observed last August in the use of the network of publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles installed and managed by the Region of  Peloponnese.

Specifically, according to the data obtained from the electronic network management platform, the number of charging sessions last August approached 280, showing an increase of over 50% compared to the respective periods of June and July. Also, the charging electricity exceeded 4,000 kWh, which corresponds τo over 20,000 "electric" kilometers of zero emissions, travelled by residents and visitors of the Peloponnese Region during the holiday month.

The above data show that the existence of a network of charging stations was an additional incentive for owners of electric vehicles to visit our Region by car for their holidays.

The installation and management of this network, as well as the supply of charging stations - which is free for its users - was provided in the frame of EnerNETMob, in which the Peloponnese Region participates as a lead partner.

The detailed data of the management of the network of charging stations of the Peloponnese Region are presented on the graphs.

Source: Region of Peloponnese,, article in greek here