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1 December 2020

“The role of cities & regions on the uptake of electromobility solutions in the Mediterranean”: Conclusions

Side session co-organized by EnerNETMob and the Urban Transports Community during the Circle the Med Forum 2020

250 participants from 12 countries joined the session, to dive into the benefits of a shift towards electric mobility and a more circular economy, viewed under the prisma of the EU Green Deal. The panel was formed by representatives of research institutions, public bodies, networks and SMEs, who came up with the following conclusions and recommendations:

Electric Vehicles are becoming more and more popular and an uptake of electromobility is expected to improve the cities’ environment (air & noise pollution). When it comes to islands, electromobility can be in the core of their clean energy paradigm, taking the example of Astypalea island and their emblematic project. For the effective uptake of electromobility it is important to have a regulatory framework in place, provide incentives for both public and private sector (example of the Green Fund), work on public acceptance and provide last-mile solutions (e.g. through micro-mobility - electric or not). We should remember, however, that for electric to mean green, it has to be powered by RES. At the Mediterranean level, one big challenge is the discontinuity of the electromobility infrastructure from one area to another, and especially its lack in rural areas that have low demand. Another issue is the different standards that each country or area has and the lack of information for travelers who do cross-national trips. To this end, the promotion of shared technical standards and pilot network infrastructures is suggested.

Dynamic Vision, partner of EnerNETMob was co-organizer of the Circle the Med Forum

Watch the session here

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